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Some of you may have noticed the site went down for maintenance yesterday afternoon as we completed the go-live.  It was a late night for some of us on the project team, and we appreciate there will be a few niggles and tweaks we still want to work on, but we were thrilled to finally go live!

When you log into Engineering Communities after the relaunch one of the first things you might be interested in is what other users can see about you.  To use a networking tool such as the community platform effectively you’ll want certain things to be visible – so that others can find you, connect with you, and collaborate with you.   


Your enhanced user profile
As you may have read from previous blog posts, when the Engineering Communities platform went live, we linked up to the database so we can pull across more useful information about users.  This makes for a more intuitive and enhanced user experience, and it means your Engineering Communities profile is another location where you can see some of the information you’d provided to us.  To take a look, hover over My Home (far left on the navigation bar) and click Profile.  Then on the right of your profile page click Edit Profile to see the full list of fields.  


So in your new and improved user profile, you’ll find the following sections:
 -  Social Media information*
 -  Basic Information: Name, address and Country.  Your address and email address will be visible only to you in your profile for your   convenience, but not to any other users regardless of privacy settings.
 -  Membership information: Your IET Membership type (the status will only be visible to you)
 -  Work Information: Employer name and Job title
 -  Engineering Interests

* This section is editable in Engineering Communities, along with your general interests and biography.

The other fields are pulled across from the CRM database, and so for your convenience you only need to edit them in one place – MyIET – and the information will be transferred securely to the platform and update your profile for you.  If you want to edit these fields there is a link to redirect you to MyIET. 


To change how much of this information you want others to see, pay a visit to your privacy settings…

Your privacy settings
This is where you go to decide what you want others to see about you.  As we have added more to your profile, when you log in your privacy settings for your profile information will default to Contacts Only.  This means that only those users you had selected as your inner circle of colleagues and acquaintances can view that information about you. 

To adjust your settings, simply hover over My Home and select My Account.  This is where you’ll find the subscriptions, notifications and privacy settings you had before.  Under Privacy, you can view and alter your privacy levels.


From here you can now see the sections from your profile, including Social Media, Basic and Membership information.  Decide how visible you want this information and your activities to be; nobody, just your contacts, or open to all. 

For example, you may want to make it so anyone can search for you from your work information, based on your employer name and job title.  This is especially helpful for post-event networking if you didn’t get someone’s business card!  Or perhaps you only want your contacts to send you private messages on the platform, so you have to approve a contact request from them first. 

The choice is yours, so consider how you want your professional profile to showcase you as an engineer or technologist on the revamped Engineering Communities. 

Posted by Nicole Baines-Knox on Jan 8, 2016 10:53 AM Europe/London

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