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Engineering Communities
It’s been full speed ahead for us all on the Engineering Communities project team, and it’s nearly complete.  One of the biggest chunks of this project recently has been designing the user profiles.  Because we’re pulling information on users across from the CRM database, we’ve been paying particular attention to things like what you’ll see about yourself in your user profile, what security settings you may wish to alter, what you’ll see about other users, how you’ll edit your profile and how the information can be used to improve your user experience. 

We’re on track to complete the project for a launch in early January – we’re aware you might have been expecting to see these changes by the end of the calendar year, but we want to make sure everything is ship shape before we press that big blue button.  


What to expect…
When we return after the Christmas break the first week of January, the existing MyCommunity platform will go down for a few hours.  We anticipate this to be in the late afternoon one day between Tuesday 5th January – Thursday 7th January, but we’ll keep you all up to date via the platform of the day and approximate time once we can confirm it.  The site will be unavailable and we’ll put some wording up to remind you all why it’s not online during this period.  Then that evening (GMT) the new-look site will launch, complete with all of the existing content from MyCommunity.  We’ll send you all a notification when it’s back up and running so you can come take a look for yourself!

How you can help…
We’ve been testing the new configuration of the communities platform thoroughly along the way, but of course we expect once it goes live one or two bugs might emerge.  You can help us fine-tune the facility by reporting any bugs or issues you come across by telling us about them in the Bugs and Issues Reporting discussion.  We’ll set up a dedicated discussion thread for the launch of the new look platform, and we’ll also use this blog to update you regularly on what you’ve helped us to improve and modify with your input.

Introducing our new branding…
In line with the move to rename the platform, we’ve gone with a clean new logo design too.  What we liked about this logo is that it puts you the user at the centre of the communities, linking you to the engineering and technological world around you.  We’ll be updating the branding and name around the site in line with the go-live in January.  Then any reference to MyCommunity in printed materials will be updated on a rolling basis with the new name and branding.


Make Engineering Communities your New Year’s Resolution
We’re very excited now that the launch is in sight, and the timing couldn’t be better.  Make sure that when we go-live with the updates that your New Year’s resolution is to log into your profile and join us in welcoming the new and improved environment.  You’ll be able to check that your personal details are up to date, connect with other members, and navigate better around the discussions, communities and resources. We look forward to seeing you there!
For those of you who haven’t been reading the blog regularly, get up to speed on what we’ve been doing by reading some of the previous blog posts, such as MyCommunity change of name.

Posted by Nicole Baines-Knox on Dec 18, 2015 8:49 AM Europe/London

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