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As part of the MyCommunity development project, the platform’s name will be changing from ‘MyCommunity’ to ‘IET Engineering Communities’ to be inclusive and accessible to as many engineers and those working in engineering as possible – wherever they are in the world.
To help achieve this ambition all communities will fall under the banner of ‘IET Engineering Communities’, whether this is people connecting online such as via discussions, or attending events in their local area.  We want members and users to make the IET their first choice when looking for a professional community.
We know that you may have questions about this, so here are some we prepared earlier:
How will the name work in practice? How should I refer to the site when talking about it?
Currently most users would refer to (for example) the aerospace area on the platform as the "IET Aerospace MyCommunity Group". We feel that referring to it as the "IET Aerospace Community" is much clearer to the average user.  As a whole you can refer to the platform as "the Communities platform".  In time this may just become “Communities”. E.g. “I will join that discussion in Communities”.
Why get rid of the name if you have some brand awareness for MyCommunity?
There has not been a big marketing campaign for MyCommunity so brand awareness is relatively low and we won’t be forfeiting an established brand within the engineering community. The new platform will have a big promotional push next year.
Did you consult with users/members/volunteers?
Yes, we undertook a consultation about the wider Communities online platform project and part of this was around the name. The results showed that the name of the platform was one of the least important factors for users.  What was more important was the overall user experience and navigation, which the project will improve.
When will the new platform be launched?
We do not have a specific date yet. Please keep an eye on this blog for further announcements…
Will there be any other brand changes?
Yes, the current icon with blue cartoon figures will be replaced.  A new icon will be used to denote the platform including for things like sharing icons on email templates.

We hope you are all as enthused about this change as we are, send us your feedback and questions in the comments box below.
Posted by Nicole Baines-Knox on Nov 12, 2015 2:43 PM Europe/London

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