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Since the last update we’ve been working at setting up the back-end configuration of the new community, which is no small feat.  So far so good, we’re addressing key criteria at this critical build stage such as what information the database will be feeding through to the profile pages and how users can update their information.  Every day the simulated environment is looking more and more like the finished result.   

When you compare the existing MyCommunity layout to the new wireframes, the improvements are plain to see.  The current Communities page is a prime example of the multitude of navigation bars and search boxes cluttering the page – it’s hard to know where to look first!


As mentioned in earlier blog posts, the new community designs means that we can clean up a lot of this clutter and simplify the page layout, take a look:


Remember this is still a mock-up wireframe, so this is just for example.
A warm welcome
Another assignment we’re working on in parallel to the project is preparing a new welcome walkthrough video for the community which we hope to be ready not long after the launch.  The idea is to provide a brief guided tour of the facilities and tools available to you as a user, and where to start if you’re new to the site.  
Here is another question and answer about the project:
What will happen to existing content when the new platform is launched?  Will all my posts and files be lost?
No, none of the existing content will vanish when the new community goes live.  When the new community is launched, the modernised designs and configuration will be applied to the existing environment so nothing will be lost.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below in the comments box or drop me a line.
Posted by Nicole Baines-Knox on Nov 3, 2015 8:41 AM Europe/London

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