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Last week we were visited by a colleague from our supplier Small World Labs – a very sunny individual named Summer – to work with us on our new community configuration and layout.

She spent several days with Lisa of the Community Development team and Web Producer Liz working on the wireframes we’d been developing for the new platform’s configuration and design.  Thanks to all the hard work of the project team in preparing for Summer’s visit, she really hit the ground running when she arrived at Michael Faraday House.


L-R: Liz, Summer and Lisa (wearing the dashing SWL t-shirts Summer brought as gifts!)

As part of our goal to tidy up the cluttered MyCommunity pages, we’d been putting together wireframes that simplify the layout and draw your eye to the most recent and engaging content.  Over the days that Summer was with us she was able to accomplish a huge amount thanks to the groundwork that was laid.  Piece by piece she pulled together our designs and plans into a fantastic simulation of the new community platform.  Now that we’re seeing how clean and slick the community pages will look, we’re even more excited about its inception.
We thank Summer for her great work during her time with us last week, which has really helped the project sprint towards the next milestones.  And kudos to Liz, Lisa and the rest of the project team for all their great work that helped Summer’s visit be so productive.

Take a look at these designs for some of the pages – bear in mind that the “content” on these screenshots is totally fictional from the design sandbox, so I’ve blurred out the fake copy to avoid any confusion!

Here’s the new design for the My Home page:


And here’s what the community home pages will look like:


I hope you all agree that this is already looking really professional and slick!  Some things might get tweaked and altered between now and the launch, but it’s great to see a preview of the new designs and how far the project has come already.
One of the questions I received from a few users recently is whether your login details will remain the same when the new platform is launched.  I can confirm that yes they will indeed be just the same, we’re not changing how you log in.

Do any of you have any more questions about what we’re working on?  Post them below in the comments section so others can see (I bet if you’re thinking it, someone else is too).  Otherwise I’ll keep posting anonymous FAQs on the following blog post to any direct emails I receive with questions, once I’ve responded directly with the answer.
Posted by Nicole Baines-Knox on Oct 8, 2015 9:21 AM Europe/London

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