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A very Happy New Year to everyone I hope you all had a Merry Christmas (or a Happy Holidays!)   smiley
For my first blog post of 2014 I thought I’d start the year with something a little bit different and share one of my favourite YouTube videos of 2013...
Now I’m not a high octane kind of person myself but I do admire the courage and stupidity bravery of those who decide to throw themselves out of aeroplanes at high altitude, perform double back flips on motorbikes (Freestyle MX style), balance on a tightrope over a 200ft drop and perform stunts in cars at speed through treacherous terrain etc.
What many people do not appreciate though, is the amount of engineering involved to enable these people to perform such feats…. wink

So below is a compilation video of some of these crazy people. Watch and see if you can pick out all the instances where engineering plays a part. You'll probably lose track after the first couple of hundred....
Enjoy! smiley
…and in case you were wondering, the music used is a track called 'Trauma (Worakls remix)' by N’to. It's on my car stereo constantly….. ;o)
Posted by Lisa Miles on Jan 3, 2014 3:04 PM Europe/London

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