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With a background in interacting with Security Systems and Cyber Platforms, I will use this blog to offer views on industries and their use of different & trending technologies ~ The Third Verse.

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2019! The Year Of Transformation. 6316

So the cloud is here. You use it, and with AI you are (unknowingly) encouraged to impulse-use it. Those data decisions based off your digital-self will encourage more transformation – increasingly with the new styles of UX/UI we are likely to see augmentation across digital platforms.

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Blockchain Technology: How Disruptive Can It Be? (IET London - Harrow) 6311

An insightful and coherent session on the many varied uses of Blockchain was presented by Shamit Bhat, Interoperability Solutions Director at GSMA at the IET London – Harrow event held at Harrow College.

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Get A GRIP Of Your Handbook (IET London Network) 6279

“SME's are great for project progression, however a SME that can articulate technical complexity and risks based off experiences with working with all GRIP levels is more likely to understand that hazard logs are not a place to park issues" discussed Ivan Lucic Engineering Systems Director of Network Rail, at the Bob the Builder of the Railways: ...

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