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Digitisation For Construction Product Manufacturers (IET SEP Team)


"You first need to digitise your unstructured data" explained Su Butcher from the Editorial Board, at the 'Digitisation For Construction Product Manufacturers' panel discussion webinar organised by the IET SEP Team and thefis.org.

Su discussed the importance of digitisation and cited examples on how manufacturers can help organisations become empowered to take control of their data assets.

Paul Surin, Global Lead Built Enviromint & Engineering Construction operations at IBM, highlighted digitisation is a cultural change for the entire organisation, not just the technical departments. Manufactures are looking at methods for commercial imperatives and your organisation needs to be ready to take advantages of new ecosystems that are being developed.

Patricia Masset, Digital and Technology Manager, BEAMA, explained that by promoting non-vendor standards, BIM solutions and digital products, can empower all entities across the supply chain, so that when a 3D printed product is manufactured, it can be used by everyone in the supply chain, without the worry of incompatibility.

This means, that your organisation must start to look at what data means for ALL your built efforts so you know what data pools are valuable to you and how that data will be used not just for initial construction, but also post construction. There are new digital standards being created such as the Golden Thread whose review by Dame Judith Hackitt, described it as a method that enables holistic design so organisations can use information to design, construct and operate their buildings safely and effectively.

This panel highlighted the sector is painfully aware of the lack of reliable information and the effect it has on the bottom line. A major part of the solution will be for manufacturers’ product information to be digitised and structured so it can pass through the supply chain safely and accurately.

Therefore, a new plain language guide has been published which aims to help manufacturers prepare for the data needs of the supply chain and asset owners. This independent, impartial guide has been produced by the Built Environment Panel of the Institute for Engineering and Technology and can be found here.

A link to details on the Golden Thread report is found here.

It's a little more than just controlling your home thermostat using your smart phone !
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