Cyber Security Hygiene - Don't Wash Your Hands Of It (Anglian Coastal Local Network). 7230

Cyber Security Hygiene - Don't Wash Your Hands Of It (Anglian Coastal Local Network).


Paul Maskell, Head of Cyber, Risk and Technology of UK Finance, spoke at the 'Cyber Security Hygiene - Don't wash your Hands of it' webinar organised by the Anglian Coastal Local Network.

As a lecturer in Cyber Psychology, he explained people are less motivated by cyber security as we have always been conditioned to give data away. We have be taught there is no value in our data. 

However, once we understand the value of our data , we automatically start to become motivated to protect it. For example, we might not value our own data, but hackers do!! Your data has value to someone, somewhere - and that should motivate you to not only value your data, but also know how to protect it.

He explained that online data is virtual, therefore our value mechanisms are based of risk assessments. For example, in the comfort of or own home, our psychology and emotions are different to that of the office environment. He explained that by WFH we can feel more isolated, and hackers know this so we become easy targets for fraud. Emotion and the effects of pandemic has increased environment change, this changes our behaviours. There is more to think about at home, so our vulnerability changes, we become vulnerable to more of different social engineering attacks. 

When it comes to digital data, we feel that because we have a PIN or password in place, we have done more than enough, and any more security means our convenience is effected. So, we relax and jus start handing out our data again, you might not value your data, but a hacker will. 

He explained that generally that you should ;
  • Use Password Managers.
  • Use encryption.
  • Use MFA.
  • Change default passwords.
  • Update your software.
  • Take backups.
  • Malware/ Anti Virus: About 300,000 malicious software is created every day, use a good antivirus solution that always provides regular updates.
Blog The Cyber Lens 28/04/2021 10:39pm BST

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