Santa's 2020 Cyber Debrief 7093

Santa's 2020 Cyber Debrief


Reboot-Blog Alert! Rudolf has been re-fitting his fellow team with smart Covid-19 tracing mechanisms and also ensuring their sleighs have Covid-19 secure hygiene systems in place, he's updated the entire sleigh-fleet with new Industry 4.0 based GPS tracking devices. All software and hardware have also just completed vulnerability testing and he's working with the elves to address the remediation plan against the online delivery system that Santa engaged in earlier this year

Santa is accountable and responsible to ensure that all individuals will receive gifts this xmas - Rudolf and the elves are working through the risk register to help Santa reduce risks identified to make sure deliveries remain successful. Santa is a founding member of the Inter-Galactic-Tech-Standards (IGTS) steering group and so to meet his sustainability quota has further ensured that all sleighs have been fitted with solar panels, wind energy and magic dust mechanisms.

Sure, the elves have suggested to use other galatic-courier services to help delivery efforts, but Santa thinks that for this year, supply chains are still the weakest link and so it's better to engage in a Santa-owned hybrid-technology solution of on-prem and cloud technologies to ensure parcels can be tracked and delivered whilst still being able to maintain elves connectivity and also monitor wellbeing at the same time too – blockchain technology is playing a role here (think digital-vaccine passports).

The elves recommended using drones to perform local delivery, however Rudolph is not convinced the legacy technology debt will support large scale drone delivery (yet), so has decided to stick with Santa’s hybrid approach and look at a drone-pilot project first. 

The elves also got Santa's workshop an update for Industry 4.0 integration, wireless charging and 5G devices provide the connectivity for robotic command & control that make the toys in Santa's manufacturing factories. The elves are using smart watches to get updates when toys are manufactured and ready for loading into the sleigh by robot elves - the elves have also been working from home so they are able to remote-control the entire manufacturing process thanks to Santa’s strategic vision that took effect last year. They even can take feeds from other IGTS member data-feeds so they are aware of regional lock down efforts - and in those highest instances they might deploy the drones as a pilot project for this year. 

Santa is not technology shy and if you have been good this year, Santa might, just might, have a video conference session with you - only if you are using the latest software version to avoid any malware infections. They are using A.I data-categories as to who is likely to want to e-meet Santa - so look out for that invitation! 

Santa is aware that his operation is an inter-galatic one, so Rudolph's Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) team have advised Santa that digital data recommendations need to be followed, to which Santa now has the right policies in place and thanks to Rudolph's cyber-security controls all data is going to be handled with regulations adhered to - you did volunteer your data to Santa when you wrote him a letter? 

Remember all gifts will have a digital delivery note so you will know when it was delivered and where (if they can't find your tree) - though the elves-tech team have said their websites maybe bit slow due to large amount of people accessing the site to check delivery times. 

The elves are in final preparation to make sure the security basics are covered for this years 2020 deliveries, like the ones mentioned in this previous blog post 
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