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Working From Home - Staying Safe


If you are turning to digital platforms to counter COVID-19's imposed curfews - then well done, maybe your use of technology might give you inspiration to think of that game changing moment of a new innovation!!

However, staying safe online is important. We all are consuming 'breaking news' about the virus, and whilst you might not have had any chances to digest the implication of how the new COVID-19 instructions apply, you would have already clicked that phishing email headed ' Government Announces..' these types of emails are being broadcasted in the chance you will click a link and get infected.

What precautions can you take ?

Be sure to use your company VPN before connecting to your corporate network, make a point to read your Use Your Own Device policy which will highlight things like ensuring you have the latest OS patches applied, how to connect to a WiFi safely or where to save your data - your IT team will have a dedicated space for you on the network so you don't need to plug in any potentially infected USB's into your systems at home - this way you will minimise any digital virus outbreaks.

You might have a specific Working From Home policy, read it, to understand how sensitive data should be handled when outside the office, and be sure to ask if you are allowed to use online collaboration portals (before signing up for the free versions). If you must post to your personal social media's feed that you are working from home, then make sure you don't accidentally show any classified data in the background (or not be at home).

If you are unsure about any links, prompts, login portals or even how to digitally sign documents, resist the temptation of self diagnoses by doing internet-searches and instead, call your company IT helpline - they will have the detailed knowledge you need at hand.
Blog The Cyber Lens 16/03/2020 8:42pm GMT