Global Digital Tax - About Time ?

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Digital Tax - About TIme ?
As globalaisation moved into regionalisation, so did all associated business flows. In yesteryears logic, as businesses evolve so should have the understanding of tangible assets. Well, with modern Internet and connectivity, can intangible assets and their services be re defined? should they be?
If they are reviewed with monetisation in mind, then digital regionalisation services are going to boost contributions towards civic society as the tax collected benefits regional needs (Get rid of all the pot holes, books for schools, aging society concerns and better access to higher education and such like needs as required).

Yes, this will push gateway-providers to earn their competitive edge through new innovations to better serve the localisations. Even with the Sugar Tax - economics 101 presumes that if you do not have to pay the costs that you are imposing on society you actually become a pollutant (not a solutions provider) - a Digital Tax will allow better designs for society (as a consumer or provided). Many studies show an increase of citizens leading their lives on the Internet, therefore, a Digital Tax is relevant, as society has made digital relevant. If Taxi apps can charge higher in-app taxi-rates based off consumer demand within a local area (Airports, Schools, Community Events), then Digital Tax should be able to do the same, making technology providers become more innovative to compete for the service.

National Digital Tax - About time.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Jan 24, 2020 3:03 PM Europe/London

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