5th Global Ranking Innovative Country In The World Is.. The UK !

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Innovating is not just about that brilliant idea, its about the entire ecosystem required to make that innovative idea be delivered within industry - discussed Dr Ian Campbell from Innovate UK at the January IET Central London Network evening lecture.
The best thing since sliced bread ? Bacteria based yogurts ? Meat free meat ? Internet Satellite Balloons ? These all needed entire infrastructure mechanisms to make the innovation be market viable and thats exactly what Innovate UK is about. No matter what stage your invention is at, they have the resources and contacts to make your innovation journey be realised far quicker.

From Quantum Technologies being used for roadwork management, blood serum analysis, hydrogen fulled unmanned vehicle, non artificial human skin and many more examples - this was a practical lecture on how Innovate UK can help your idea!

Click here to read about the evening lecture in more detail and to download the slides from the event.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Jan 13, 2020 4:28 PM Europe/London

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