2020! The Year Of Transient Empowerment.

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Transiently Empowered Space Robot
The ability to have efficient technology use is something that all digital economies are striving towards. All industries, from consumer to manufacture, Industry 4.0, e-health, e-gaming, Fintech and immersive experiences need to demonstrate perceivable value. With all of today's technology available for any solution, you should be looking at transient empowerment mechanisms to enhance your value proposition.
The gig economy is an example of where the perfect blend of technology and business needs allow individuals to interact with any gig based economy with full transient empowerment , Taxi apps are a strong example, here the workings of empowerment is promoted by simple ecosystem interactions ensuring the value propositions are satisfactorily achieved.

Under the bonnet, this means a clear adoption of trending technology methods, such as federated consent amongst different applications, machine to machine enablement for better business flows using smart-api's or other intelligent connection methods selected during your digital transformation last year.

The technology landscape is moving towards automation of basic interactions, giving new opportunities to be defined. Just like the gaming world, businesses now have the ability to use replicated-intelligence methods to better provide internal mobilisation to ensure external delivery is true to the value proposition - also known as 'Last Mile Technology'.

That sales kick off meeting actually started the moment each team member logged into the portal, that product design blue-print was already pieced together using the diagnostic outputs from the manufacturing plant, farm-drones figured out weather patterns themselves to know which crops needed more attention or that health app used data from your other food-apps to know you are due a workout:). In all these examples, transient empowerment allows the value proposition of any ecosystem to thrive, making 2020 about empowering the different extensions of your ecosystem components so that the starting point has transient services value added already.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Jan 1, 2020 7:00 AM Europe/London

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