'Overcoming Barriers To SME Scale-up' - IET Event (Maidstone).

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An evening event that discussed the many different elements of growing a business, from Finance, Business Infrastructure, Leadership and people-skilling that all plays a role to help scale your SME business.
"Values bring your company vision to life" explained Simon Teague of New Level Results at the 'Overcoming barriers to SME scale-up' IET Event held in Maidstone. In very practical terms, he explained how you can set a vision and take the steps towards achieving more for your business and yourself. This was an evening that explored the practicalities on the methods used by the SME leaders to grow their business. For example, Malcolm Clarke of Baxall Construction, gave an overview of how having multiple leaders in a business is a good strategy, it's ok to have more than one leader, it also helps you as a business owner as you are investing in the futures of others. He explained how having a personal support network is also important, it's not just about creating the right environment for the leaders, but it’s also about making sure you are being coached to make the right business decisions. 

This was echoed by Simon Edwards from the IET, who explained that the IET 2019 Skills Survey highlighted (amongst many other insights) that only 20% of those surveyed expect the supply of engineering and technical skills into industry to improve of the next 3-4 years making the SME leaders thoughts on coaching and mentoring an important aspect to consider in your business growth. There are now specific government business growth schemes available for most business to engage with.

The need to encourage peer to peer learning is something that Steven Barr of Edge Digital talked about and how his business has supported manufacturing industry leaders to maximise ROI collaboratively by integrating with modern digital technologies. He explained by doing simple peer to peer reviews, your business growth plans can identify better returns, where identifying good business practices such as not having cash flow problems was explained by Alex Milham of ACS Finance For Business - how gave examples on how he regularly works with SME leaders to help them leverage finance mechanisms to ensure they can grow the right way, without hitting business cash flow or investment issues.

This was an evening event which let SME’s in the audience review how to satisfy the different needs of scaling a business and more importantly what is involved using practical examples and real life stories from SME leaders.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Nov 22, 2019 7:00 AM Europe/London

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