Who's Watching Who? (IET JLB Lecture)

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Who's Watching Who?
"Data enabled products with 2 way interactions enables better consumer recommendations" was just one of the discussion points the panel speakers reviewed. Peter Docherty (CTO, ThinkAnalytics),  Simon Parnall (Principal Advisor Broadcast Technology, Ofcom), Barry Flynn (Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster London), Jamie West (Deputy Managing Director, Sky Media UK) and Phil Haggar (Digital broadcast and streaming consultant) talked about how the evolution of managed networks to non-managed networks is now creating immense opportunity (and value) for quality content consumption models.
Simple examples were given such as how adverts are only delivered when the target audience is 'online' and not on pre allocated viewing slots. Smart tracking (with consent), can give a completely personalised experience simply by understanding emotions – which has increased customer consumption levels (AKA Bing Watching). It was discussed that these recommendations should not be in a special sections left to the browser, but instead, recommendations should be part of the browser viewing process, this again has increased in sales where platform have taken this approach. 

Consumer viewer habits have allowed content providers to understand why certain programmes are successful over others and where to invest in technology to ensure not only the consumer has options to comply to GDPR but also what legislations need to be considered for Category A and Category B broadcast activities. 

An in-depth discussion on how safe segregation of data will give better innovations for consumer online consumption ( Without them knowing it ).

Full event details here.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Jul 16, 2019 11:56 PM Europe/London

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