Fusion - Powering The Future? (IET Central London Network)

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Infused Water
Fusion - Nope, we're not talking blackcurrants infused into water.

Dr Joe Milnes JET Operating Contract Senior Manager - Culham Science Centre, UK Atomic Energy Authority gave a very insightful account of how the Joint European Torus (JET) has been progressing the journey of fusion energy at the IET Central London Network evening lecture held at the IET Savoy Place.
Amongst other particulars, he explained how JET is helping the journey towards commercial fusion energy to be used across a grid-network. During the event he described in clarity how the Tokamak concept is being used to develop fusion energy and how other platforms like Spherical, MAST, H3AT and ITER are playing a major role for fusion development – and at the same time also defining brand new complementary processes such as the use of Hot Plasma, Heat Exhaustion, Materials Testing, Robotics, Tritium Handling, Operations, Beryllium and Component Testing - collectively giving this new technology a supply chain value of well over £1 bln! (and more once commercialised into a full ecosystem)

Similarities with infused water? Well, if you take a concentrate and mix it with other solubles then your taste buds should explode ...

See the video on JET here.
Read the full IET Central London Network event blog here.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Jun 13, 2019 7:36 PM Europe/London

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