IET EngTalk: Rihanna Changed My Life: Inspiring A New Generation Of Cyber Security Professionals

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IET EngTalk
"Don't wait for people to ask you about Cyber Security" discussed Raj Samani, chief scientist at McAfee, at the IET Eng Talk lecture held at IET Savoy Place in London. The NSCS are a good example of how the message of Cyber Security should be spread into all places of education, their Cyber First strategy allows school children to increase their knowledge on cyber security and also look to it as a professional career path. Raj discussed that the yesteryear of career development has completely different connotations to what is actually required today and as our sprawling metropolis moves to a digital society it is up to every one of us to do more to encourage career development.
Dr Maria Bada, a research associate at the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre took to the stage to explain how human activities in cyber space are best described by factors associated with the Online Disinhibition Effect, such as Social Facilitation, Dissociative Anonymity, Asynchronicity, Dissociative Imagination, Perceived Privacy, Invisibility, Attenuated Status Authority and Solipsistic Introjection - she further explained how any of these can contribute to someone acting differently in cyber space compared to their real world self.

She explained that Solipsistic Introjection determines how 'self-boundaries' are broken down by our human senses (touch, hear) that can lead to disinhibition, which resonates with how Raj explained that it's now easier to act on disinhibition factors e.g. to 'outsource' cybercrime campaigns to attack other nations. Speaking with Raj, I asked him why can’t we predict which cyber-attacks are going to trend the fastest, such as Ransomware. He then discussed that most threat vectors have already been published (many times) including detailed White Papers and Scientific Journals… An excellent IET EngTalk that covered the topic of Cyber Security - without the usual rhetoric of 'How much a cyber breech will cost you'.

See the entire live streamed video here.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on May 14, 2019 11:20 AM Europe/London

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