7 Shades Of OSI Vs 250 Shades Of FTSE 6419

7 Shades Of OSI Vs 250 Shades Of FTSE


How important is the 7 layers of OSI (the internet) in today’s tech economy?

Are the 7 layers of OSI the new global business standard? What does that mean for the FTSE 250 and its ability to loop into foreign direct investments? What is the impact for Cyber Innovations? Will the FTSE 250 position itself to be a leader in transaction based innovations and consumer based technology? How will the FTSE 250 effect SSE 180, NYSE Composites or even Nikkei 225 tech innovators? …Will it?

It seems across the tech landscape, ideas of foreign direct investments of FTSE 100 and their market innovations are starting to feed into the FTSE 250, but is the FTSE 250 able to match the opportunities presented to complement the global critical mass opportunities? Or is it waiting for the unicorn from the FTSE 350 to show them how it’s done?

Local regional lifestyles use technology innovations in different ways. For example, a city southwest to the country does not use app based food delivery services as much as they use app based taxi services - in other cities it is the complete opposite – though both can have one thing in common, block chain technologies. Therefore, how might county councils positioning tech innovations to promote opportunities for FTSE 350 companies? Will smart IoT devices be categorised to regional consumption opportunities?

What is the dynamic correlation that will take into account different regional economies and tie it back to a global tech framework? It could be the good old 7 layers of OSI model - it is probably the only one standard that can feed into FTSE 100, 250 and 350 seamlessly; making regional dynamics the new global standard, for example, only regional and national critical mass will create the need for global innovations. What about those technologies which are not heavily dependent on the 7 layers? Will they be purer innovations only created through FTSE 100, SSE 50 and Nifty 50 index collaborations for industry innovations like space, bio, travel, satellite, sustainability, vertical farming and robot automation...

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Blog The Cyber Lens 23/03/2019

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