2019! The Year Of Transformation.

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Digital Metamorphosis
So the cloud is here. You use it, and with AI you are (unknowingly) encouraged to impulse-use it. Those data decisions based off your digital-self will encourage more transformation – increasingly with the new styles of UX/UI we are likely to see augmentation across digital platforms.
New types of network services are coming too and with that new delivery mechanisms. Like most, we’ve heard it a few times "The Cloud is just a mainframe on the internet" but those mainframes lacked B2C integration mechanisms, so with the ability now for any IoT device (including vehicles) to provide core services locally by leveraging the cloud - we will see a stronger drive for digital transformation.

So you've either lifted and shifted your platform/assets into the cloud and are about to go operational with your x-as-a-service, or your transformation programme is now entering final phases of execution where you've done your due diligence and migrated correctly so that you will not see a big bang of operational and service failure, or, like most, may be you are about to end enterprise testing on the foundational technologies that came into the market place in 2018 like AI, VR and Blockchain and are transforming your core network services in response - if you're not doing anything transformation related - then you should be - Who doesn’t like a bargain! No matter what technology transformation you undergo - you will benefit (and so will your customers).

2019 will see field end devices, networks, ecosystems and services transform many businesses into the digital space or at least begin to be ready for Industry 4.0 innovations. Happy 2019!
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Jan 27, 2019 9:34 PM Europe/London

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