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“SME's are great for project progression, however a SME that can articulate technical complexity and risks based off experiences with working with all GRIP levels is more likely to understand that hazard logs are not a place to park issues" discussed Ivan Lucic Engineering Systems Director of Network Rail, at the Bob the Builder of the Railways: Systems Integration to the Rescue? event organised by the IET London Network held at the IET Savoy place.
The skilled system integrator can produce an argument for and against technical-debt and justify what the risk actually is so your handbook has a truer reflection on systems integration. 

From an assurance perspective, the 8 stages of GRIP ensures pre and post implementation success, as it lets you asks burning questions such as, what happens after we plug and play ? Who will maintain the success and how? How does the project cater for innovation?

Speaking with Ivan Lucic (UK Railway’s Bob the Builder) , I asked him what his thoughts are on railway innovations. We discussed that rail services are always progressing and that innovations like Hyperloop are just one example of how transportation services can augment. I then asked him about his thoughts on Cyber Security and we further discussed that as a non-functional requirement, Cyber Security has a very important role to play in any responsible system.

We didn’t get to the discuss the new series of Thomas The Tank Engine though - a more pressing matter for the next time I meet Ivan.

More details about the Network Rail GRIP process can be downloaded here and the amazing short video on what the future of rail might look like here.
Details of the next IET London Network event can be found here.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Jan 12, 2019 1:47 PM Europe/London

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