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Industry 4.0
The theme for this year’s blog was field based devices, and throughout the year all the seminars, lectures and events attended has had an embedded trend towards smart enablement - beyond just smart device integration. We are starting to see the foundations of industry 4.0 shaping not only industries, but now digital economies too, block chain technology is now being built into most ecosystems as standard making the Industry 4.0 journey more acceptable.
2019 will more than likely continue the trend of industry 4.0 and how all our smart devices will integrate our day to day lives into new ecosystems. To see where the yellow brick road of Industry 4.0 might lead us in 2019, you'll need to navigate to the IET London Network's portal (link below) to see what was discussed at this year’s xmas lecture ( maybe we will finally be able to 3D print that heart for Tin Man ).

Exoskeletons, Robots working in the dark, Digital Gamers, Industry 4.0 and automation of services - Just some of the topics that Richard Weston and George Thompson from Comau UK discussed in the Innovative Robotic Solutions for Industrial Applications event organised for the IET London Network Xmas lecture held at IET London - Savoy Place.

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Posted by Rimesh Patel on Dec 15, 2018 10:28 PM Europe/London

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