Impact Of The 18th Addition Of The IET Wiring Regulations (IET London Network - Savoy Place).

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18th Edition.
So let’s think this through... You probably have multiple smart devices you interact with daily - they are only as good as the battery life of the device, so you need to plug in and charge up. The more things we plug in, the more electricity that is drawn. That’s fine for USB style devices (most IoT devices), but it seems like industry 4.0 is driving the use of technology beyond just smart entertainment.
Car manufacturers are finally ready to team up with software houses to build the next electric vehicle within their traditional car plants, or some disruptors/challengers are ready to sell their white label solutions to car manufactures. Either way, smart devices are augmenting their needs into traditional manufacturing services which means the risk appetite for the use of electrical components needs reviewing.. queue the 18th edition.

An interesting point observed during this event was that the need for more rapid and regular charging is not a new concept, for example, caravan parks have always had the need for charging points. In a more modern take, perhaps you finally build up that crypto company with Data Centres full of machines to crypto mine for you and just as your software is about to produce a crypto coin (queue Mario’s ‘ping’ from Nintendo) – you over loaded your electrics and now your entire platform is down – loose a life and start again..

The difference in this wiring release is many, for example, by increasing the use of rcd's, or by reviewing how core electric currents are applied, such as how the new 13 amp EV car charging points are used, these regulations are able to provide better recommendations on how to protect against electrical surges and faults to environments that are open to the elements (lighting strokes) and as Industry 4.0 takes shape these regulations will continue to play an important role (see below link). Risk of fires, due to the nature of materials is another chapter the regulations reviews - If you use a device that is not manufacturer approved (products built in an un-regulated environment), there is a chance of non-compatibility - another reason we see fires generated by electrical components.

This event was well interacted with by the audience, where Mark Coles, Leon Markwell and Steven Devine were able to discuss some very innovative questions. Medical devices, Inland marine usage, Interruption to public services and co-located commercial activity are just some of the areas of everyday life this blue book aims to protect. Surges, Lightening Strokes & Electric Rods - It’s all about shades of blue.. the Blue 18th addition of the IET Wiring Regulations.

Training on these new regulations can be found at the IET Academy here.

See Mark and Steven’s short video on the importance of wiring regulations here.

Industry 4.0 is going to be discussed at the next IET London Network event, register here and join in with the festive celebrations during the Christmas drinks reception.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Nov 17, 2018 12:43 PM Europe/London

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