Forefront Of Technology In International Broadcasting - IBC 2018 (IET London Network)

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IBC Cyber Security 2018
Broadcasting techniques were the essence of the IBC 2018 highlights show held in partnership with RTS London Centre at IET Savoy Place. The panel spoke about the latest cutting edge innovations, trends and technical strategies from across the media industry on display at the IBC 2018 show. 

The panel consisted of Keith Underwood COO of Channel 4, James Lovell of CISCO Media Sector, David Short the Vice Chair of the IET Multimedia Communication Network and Aradhna Tayal Director of Radio TechCon, and chaired by Muki Kulhan Managing Director of Muki-international.
The panel discussed how development of broadcast technology of yester year has transformed into pocket-production. Any smart device is now the Satellite mobile news van, you don’t need an entire crew to send your news, just a smart-click and you are broadcasting. 

This changes the consumption model and so the perfect opportunity for innovation comes about.. otherwise known as disruptive-technologies. AI seemed to have featured a lot at the IBC Show, where the quicker the smart-aggregation of data, the more sci-fi the product...otherwise becoming known as immersive-technologies which can better understand your inner sentiments and help calculate what your next course of action should be.

Speaking with James we discussed how transformation of perimeter security into data security is creating the need for companies to finally take a holistic approach to security and with the overlap of AI into live broadcast streaming, Pokémon Go might just have been the start of something new..

Hear what the experts at IBC have to say about Cyber Security on the channel here.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Oct 11, 2018 9:11 PM Europe/London

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