Benefits Of Concurrency In Action. A Rolls Royce Case Study ( IEEE Southern California & IET Southern California Network ).

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At the IEEE Southern California HQ based in Irvine, the IET SoCal network collaborated with the IEEE, Aerospace TPN and Jonathan Watson the Chief Manufacturing Engineer, Future Programs at Rolls Royce in Derby to present a lecture on how concurrent product development (CPD) techniques within Rolls Royce has promoted cost reduction, innovation and global collaboration for their CPD efforts.

Jonathan discussed how the SPOT model (Strategy, Process, Organisation, Tools) has helped drive project efficiencies, whether it be product design, resource training, design innovation or identifying granular cost efficiencies within different stages of a project. His talked covered the concept 'Spiral of Despair' and how product design success is often based on projected downstream functions such as the correct alignment of Cross functional activities against support structures required to complete the task. Specifically here, how the SPOT approach allowed any team to provide the correct iterative input required to meet design goals, as an example, he spoke of the Concept Architecture Team at Rolls Royce that exists to complement the design life cycle of Rolls Royce products.

An interesting fact mentioned that Rolls Royce engines are designed with a Power-By-The-Hour approach; this is how they factor in Cost of flight, Engine/Component Repair and product life expectancy. These critical factors have further allowed Rolls Royce to promote the next generation of innovative engines, namely the Intelligent Engine Range. These new intelligent engines take into consideration costed variables, such as, environmental conditions, health status of other components and the ability to self-heal.

Speaking with Jonathon, we discussed the general benefits of having an intelligent based approach and how those services are provided, such as infrastructure/satellite ecosystems required to support intelligent engines for better product performance including promoting innovation for an entire product range to enter the market more efficiently and quickly; and across the many industries that use a Rolls Royce engine from ocean ships, aerospace, railway and road vehicles.

A fascinating video on the Rolls Royce Intelligent Engine can be seen here.
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Posted by Rimesh Patel on Jun 18, 2018 10:31 PM Europe/London

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