Quantum Technology - Reality Or Science Fiction ( IET London ).

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MiFID II (Finally a product that has a genuine feature for MiFID II)

Rhys Lewis the Director of the NPL Quantum Metrology Institute leads the Time, Quantum & Electromagnetics (TQEM) Division gave a insightful discussion on how quantum technology is currently being used and its expected use in the near future. The talk was called Quantum Technology - Reality or Science Fiction.
MiFID II requires trading venues to timestamp electronic transactions to UTC with an uncertainty of 100 micro seconds or better and quantum time keeping is a proven method for achieve this (That’s if your trading house wants to be compliant). Quantum technology exists and its ability to keep time is one major reason stock exchanges and partners hold true to it, even if it means having your trade desk closer to the exchange (early bird catches the non-malware worm).

The talk expanded on how various spectrums of industry are about to see a massive boom in quantum kit across all sectors, from supply chain, military and every day uses. An interesting fact presented was that you can use Quantum signals over fibre to eliminate reliance on GPS (just no hand held quantum devices in the mainstream yet though ).

Speaking with Rhys, we talked on how quantum timestamping can be applied to blockchain technology. Though, I never quite got around to asking his thoughts on sundials as a legally binding option. An amazing talk, that shows our ability to become time keepers is about to get precise. 

More detail on Quantum NPL Time can be found here.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on May 11, 2018 9:46 PM Europe/London

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