Predictably Irrational. (IET Harrow).

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In Out In Out ...Opt it all about!. Attending the Predictably Irrational, The Impact Of Relativity event organised by Harrow IET, David Chong from GSMA discussed the different ways of 'opting in and opting out' in numerous consent based scenarios. An interesting stat presented showed that more countries within the EU had a larger number of health donors than for example in the UK - the main difference? Persons are under the Opt Out framework.

The session covered that human behaviours can be predicted to choose relative outcomes based off presented data - including how the decision making process can be tailored to a give a focused outcome. Whilst this is typically seen in UX Design efforts, the broader digital world is also going through an Opt In/Opt Out overhaul - namely, GDPR. We know that Big Data can help aid in analysing a hypothesis, however, unlike before, GDPR will need your UX efforts to give the simple option for someone to Opt In or to be Opted Out. BBC Radio 5 aired a short programme on how GDPR might effect you (link below).

This was an interesting session that covered the concept of predictable irrational behaviour and how it is becoming more relevant in today’s decision making processes and more importantly, highlighting that the concept exists. GDPR is the perfect example of how UX decision methods are being refined and what efforts you might ultimately need to take make sure your GDPR controls are implemented with ease.

BBC Radio 5 Short programme on GDPR can here found here.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Apr 29, 2018 11:55 AM Europe/London

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