The Cyber Lens

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With a background in interacting with Security Systems and Cyber Platforms, I will use this blog to offer views on industries and their use of different & trending technologies ~ The Third Verse.


Latest Posts

  • SOC At Apple: Evolution Through Innovation (IET Eng Talk)
    John Metcalfe, senior director in Apple’s silicon engineering group and Jonathan Redshaw, Director in Apple’s platform architecture team took to the stage at the IET London:Savoy Place for the IETEngTalk series lecture. They spoke about how developments in silicon fabrication techniques are allowing Moore's law to remain relevant within the chip design industry. read more...
  • 'Overcoming Barriers To SME Scale-up' - IET Event (Maidstone).
    An evening event that discussed the many different elements of growing a business, from Finance, Business Infrastructure, Leadership and people-skilling that all plays a role to help scale your SME business. read more...
  • Blockchain Applications In The Real World (IET Central London Network)
    "Blockchain is a database that helps you to understand how to get better value from applications" explained Adi Ben-Ari, Founder & CEO of Applied Blockchain at the IET Central London Network event held at the IET Savoy Place. read more...
  • IBC 2019 Panel Review ( IET Central London Network )
    'AI from multiple sources can build your platform the right way', 'Streaming providers still courting traditional media content creators','Appification of content'. Just some of the highlights from this year’s IBC 2019 event discussed at the IET Central London Network evening lecture organised jointly with the Royal Television Society. read more...
  • WannaCry Does Not WannaDie !
    WannaCry (the Microsoft Windows system vulnerability) made its debut in 2017, notably effecting major NHS services. It’s now 2019 and these styles of vulnerability remain active (Ransonware). What is the reason? Why are lessons not being learned from main stream industry failures? read more...