The Cyber Lens

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With a background in interacting with Security Systems and Cyber Platforms, I will use this blog to offer views on industries and their use of different & trending technologies ~ The Third Verse.


Latest Posts

  • Fusion - Powering The Future? (IET Central London Network)
    Fusion - Nope, we're not talking blackcurrants infused into water. Dr Joe Milnes JET Operating Contract Senior Manager - Culham Science Centre, UK Atomic Energy Authority gave a very insightful account of how the Joint European Torus (JET) has been progressing the journey of fusion energy at the IET Central London Network evening lecture held at the IET Savoy Place. read more...
  • IET EngTalk: Rihanna Changed My Life: Inspiring A New Generation Of Cyber Security Professionals
    "Don't wait for people to ask you about Cyber Security" discussed Raj Samani, chief scientist at McAfee, at the IET Eng Talk lecture held at IET Savoy Place in London. The NSCS are a good example of how the message of Cyber Security should be spread into all places of education, their Cyber First strategy allows school children to increase their knowledge on cyber security and also look to it as a professional career path. Raj discussed that the yesteryear of career development has completely different connotations to what is actually required today and as our sprawling metropolis moves to a digital society it is up to every one of us to do more to encourage career development. read more...
  • Railway Electrification ~ Not Scalextric ! (IET Central London Network)
    Sticking to the theme of Transformation, I attended the IET Central London Network lecture on Railway Electrification which demonstrated that the lack of future proofing the use of any technology means not only will innovation be slowed down, but also, it increases the chances of missed opportunity for economic development. read more...
  • **Event Spoiler** The Cyber Security Journey Lecture - 10th April 2019 !
    How Cyber Security has changed overtime and the challenges that new threat actors are bringing – how do we keep on top of these threats to our businesses, homes and personal data Cyber security is a core function of Capita’s delivery capability. During this event the speakers Professional Services team will provide their insights on how they have been ... read more...
  • 7 Shades Of OSI Vs 250 Shades Of FTSE
    How important is the 7 layers of OSI (the internet) in today’s tech economy? Are the 7 layers of OSI the new global business standard? What does that mean for the FTSE 250 and its ability to loop into foreign direct investments? What is the impact for Cyber Innovations? Will the FTSE 250 position itself to be a leader in transaction based innovations and consumer based technology? How will the FTSE 250 effect SSE 180, NYSE Composites or even Nikkei 225 tech innovators? …Will it? read more...