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A monthly chance to catch up with what your President for 14/15 has been doing and the key issues that have arisen during the month.

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  • CCC Completed
    Distance cycled today: 100 miles Distance walked today: 2 miles Ascent today: 12,900 feet (a relaxing last day) Total miles on trip: 1203 Hours in saddle on trip: 84hrs 15mins Calories burnt: 66,600 Pedal revolutions: 378,975 (roughly!) Distance to go: miles, I’ve done it! Phil says: “Heading due south over the ... read more...
  • CCC Day 9
    Distance cycled today: 115 miles Road blockages climbed around: 4 Ascent today: 16,000 feet Those who have done all cols so far: 5 Distance to go: 100 miles Ascent to go: 12,900 feet (0.4x Everest) Phil says: “Beginning in France the majority of this stage enjoys the drama of the Italian Piemonte region with some more extra-ordinary ... read more...
  • CCC Day Wet (8)
    Distance today: 122 miles less the last descent! Ascent today: 16,800 feet Calories so far: 53,900 Distance to go: 240 miles Ascent to go: 28,900 feet (just one Everest left) Phil says: “There may “only” be four climbs on this stage, but each of them are Legends unto themselves and put together make up a massive second day ... read more...
  • CCC Day7
    Distance today: 128 miles Ascent today: 16,700 feet (back to tough days) Hours in saddle so today: 9hr 30mins (that’s a long time to be pushing pedals) Distance to go: 362 miles Ascent to go: 45,800 feet (1.6x Everest) Cols to go: 22 Phil says: “This stage is the first of the final four stages that between them cover almost all of ... read more...
  • CCC Day 6
    Distance today: 115 miles Ascent today: 10,900 feet (a breeze, well actually a gale) Hours in saddle so far: 50 Distance to go: 490 miles (below 500) Ascent to go: 62,200 feet (2.2x Everest) Cols to go: Only 30 but they’re massive! Phil says: “Back round the northern side of Ventoux for the last time, by another route, we climb ... read more...