Week Six - Fix Those Bricks!

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Gripper Grabber
Image Credit: David McQuiggan (Screenshot from Lego Digital Designer 4.3)
It's week 6 of the 2014 FLL® World Class℠ Global Challenge season so fix those bricks!
In the sixth week of the FLL Season, the coach and the team should set clear objectives to accomplish the following:
  • Check the Robot Game Updates, Project Updates, and Judging FAQ pages of www.firstlegoleague.org to see if there are any updates.
  • Core Values
    • So how do teams prepare for Core Values judging? By incorporating the Core Values into all you do
      and talking about the Core Values throughout the season.  All teams operate differently, and teams can be successful with different styles.  Some teams have a strong leader, some have a democratic approach, on some teams each child has a specialized role, and other teams share all responsibilities
      equally. The Core Values can be incorporated into all of these styles and teams can be successful using all of them. As long as team members understand and use the Core Values in their interactions, no particular working style is better than the others.
    • One way to encourage discussion of Core Values is at a team meeting each week, each team member talks about a specific example of how he or she demonstrated 1 of the 8 Core Values. Then team members either agree or they tell their own stories about how that team member demonstrated the Core Values in other ways.
    • Write down or viideo specific examples they could share with the judges at tournaments.
    • When you attend a tournament, your team will meet with Core Values judges at some point during the day. There are multiple formats for Core Values judging, so check with your tournament organizer if you have any questions about how your team will be judged. Teams generally do not need to bring their robot or Project materials to Core Values judging sessions.
  • Robot Game
    • Try to meet 75% of the team’s goals consistently while working on the remaining goals.  Remember, the team does not need to complete all missions.  Focus on a few missions you can do well and within the 2.5 minutes (150 seconds).
    • If your team is using light or colour sensors, have team members test the robot in different lighting conditions in case the lighting is different at the tournament.
    • Save copies and backup programs.  If applicable, consolidate programs on to one computer and one robot
  • Project
    • Prepare or source materials, props, and equipment needed for the Project presentation
    • Have team members write and practice their tournament presentation.  During their 5 minute Project presentation, the team must clearly demonstrate to the judges that they completed all required Project steps: they identified a real-world problem, created an innovative solution, and shared their findings with others. In addition, they must show that any other Challengespecific requirements from this season’s Project description were met.
    • Get a couple of parents to act as project judges and hold a dress rehearsal of the project presentation using the judges' Rubrics.
Posted by David McQuiggan on Oct 21, 2014 6:00 PM Europe/London

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