Week 5 - High Five!

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High Fives and Admiration!
Photo Credit: Argenis Apolinario, www.firstlegoleague.org
It's week 5 of the 2014 FLL® World Class℠ Global Challenge season so give everyone a high five!
In the fifth week of the FLL Season, the coach and the team should set clear objectives to accomplish the following:
  • Check the Robot Game Updates, Project Updates, and Judging FAQ pages of www.firstlegoleague.org to see if there are any updates.
  • Core Values
    • Talk about how well the team is displaying the Core Values at practices. Review any Core Values that might need a little work.
    • Reassess team goals based on how long you have before you attend your first tournament. Do you need to increase or decrease what your team hopes to accomplish?
  • Robot Game
    • Have some team members act as quality control. They should check that all team strategies meet the rules and achieve the team’s point goals.
    • Try to meet 75% of the team’s robot-related goals.  Don't panic, as robot performance is just a small fraction of the teams overall score and just one of the many trophies up for grabs.
    • Begin working on a short introduction to your team’s robot for the Robot Design judges at your tournament. During the tournament, Robot Design judges will interview and observe your
      team. Some events require formal Robot Design presentations, while at other events
      the judges may simply ask your team questions. Either way, it is a good idea for your
      team to prepare a basic introduction to the robot in case the judges ask.  Now is a good time to work on this aspect of the FLL Challenge.
  • Project
    • Determine what would be needed to make your team’s solution a reality.  What resources in terms of time, money and people would it take to bring to fruition.
    • Have team members prepare a presentation to share your team’s Project with people who could benefit from the solution.  Sharing your team’s solution could involve presenting at a town meeting; talking with a government official; speaking in a school assembly or in front of a class; or creating a storybook or video to send to the library or public access channel. There are many different ways the team can choose to share their research and solution.
    • Brainstorm creative ways your team can present their Project to the judges at a tournament. This presentation will probably be slightly different than sharing with people who might benefit from the solution.
Posted by David McQuiggan on Oct 21, 2014 5:25 PM Europe/London

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