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Thoughts and tutorials on tech.

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  • SDN training still not relevant enough to require changes in CCIE
    Certifications are inevitably linked to industry roles. Right now, knowing SDN is a good thing. However, it's not necessary or implemented into the industry job role. read more...
  • Identifying Different LAN Cable Options To Suit Your Requirements
    LAN connection is one of the first ways of connecting computers with each other in a network. It also served as a passageway for connecting to the Internet. LAN connection utilizes a LAN cable in order to ensure data byte transfer will be possible in between systems. What most people are unaware of is the changes that occurred in producing these cables. They have improved and may offer a lot of benefits for its users. However, it does not mean that the obsolete ones are already phased out in the market. read more...
  • Thieves At The Door Of The Internet?
    Security has gone through three stages in the last three decades. We began with very few people knowing how the computer and the internet worked. Companies with important data on their big mainframes worried more about theft of physical items than hacking. As knowledge about networking and servers became more common, the perceived threat came from hackers working their way into the system to steal information. Finally, the security industry has caught up to and surpassed the hackers until physical security is at the forefront again.     Here are a number of suggestions to consider before designing and building a data center   read more...
  • Remote Desktop Control Tools You Must Have
    In order to manage PC's remotely and even troubleshoot others, having a reliable desktop utility is a must. In this guide, I'll take you through some of the best tools you can use to manage your PC remotely. To most people, LogMeIn is an automatic choice. However, there are other products that provide the same if not better features free of charge. The following are five of the leading remote desktop management tools. read more...
  • Redefining Concept Of Work Productivity And Flexibility
    You may haven’t realized it yet, but the truth is, there is a growing number of people with businesses ( mainly IT and finance ) who maintain a virtual office for their operations.   They even conduct meetings and interviews for candidates at local coffee shops and food shops as they have acknowledged the fact that most people, especially job seekers, would feel that the interview is less scripted and intimidating in these locations, hence they would feel more comfortable when speaking. Such fact has been proven by so many small business owners and even medium and budding huge ones. read more...