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IET member Boris Sedacca's work blog as PR Manager for PASS Ltd. PASS Limited offers a comprehensive solution for test equipment, training and calibration. Established in 2001, PASS is UKAS ISO9001 approved.
1 Alberto Street Stockton-On-Tees, TS18 2BQ United Kingdom
Tel: 0845 365 40 50

Latest Posts

  • Hioki Four-Wire Method detects Latent Solder Joint Defects
    Solder joint integrity test by four-wire resistance measurement At the IPC Apex 2014 Conference and Exhibition for the electronics manufacturing industry last year, Hioki presented a paper revealing that it has developed a four-wire solder joint integrity test for finding latent defects in PCBs that would otherwise go undetected by conventional tests such as capacitance method and boundary scan, among others.  read more...
  • Benchtop Monitoring for 28 Motors
    Imagine being able to monitor 28 motors for a seamless steel pipe manufacturing process from a single benchtop device with peripherals. This is what one manufacturer is doing with a HIOKI 8861-50 32-channel oscilloscope.  read more...
  • Insulation Resistance Testing reduces Electrical Shock Risk
    Under normal conditions, an electrical device produces a minimal amount of leakage current due to voltage and internal capacitance, but the insulation can break down, resulting in excessive leakage current that can cause shock or in extreme cases, electrocution. read more...
  • Battery Testing avoids UPS Failure
    Battery backup and generator systems are used everywhere from hospitals and IT datacentres to small UPS systems for backing up office PCs. PASS managing director Barry Atkins asserts that batteries need regular maintenance and checking to ensure that they are working correctly, that they still provide their rated outputs and that they are not deteriorating. read more...
  • Calibrating Electrical and Process Instruments
    Electrical measurement equipment such as multimeters, resistors, power supplies and electrical testers are commonly used instruments that require periodical calibration, as well as process instruments advises Eddy Jones of . read more...