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Despite the title, I'm not suggesting I am a dwarf.  In fact, while I normally feel fairly short here in NZ, I tend to feel on the tall side in the UK.  And I don't think this has anything to do with my love of high heels, since I wear the same shoes in both locations.  I haven't done any scientific research on the subject, but I suspect that, on average, Kiwis are taller than Brits.  Thoughts anyone? 

Hopefully I haven't just started an international dispute on height: it certainly wasn't intended to be a topic in this blog post!  That's the nice thing about a blog though; it's allowed to be stream-of-consciousness type writing.  So you all get a nice visit to the randomness that is my brain smiley.  What I'm actually going to write about is my IET activities over the past few months.  An update if you will.  And what I've mainly managed to do is give myself a long to-do list...

So, last time I posted, I'd just volunteered to be chair for Christchurch Local Network (LN).  Since then, I have managed to pass one of my IET positions to someone else - and I didn't even have to pressure them into it!  One of my fellow Kiwi volunteers actually asked if she could do it - to which I said "of course!".  So, I am no longer on the Asia-Pacific Finance Committee, and am once more down to three official positions.  Thanks Sachini!

Anyway, after a lovely summer/Christmas holiday, I am back into normal work / life / IET mode.  Actually, I'm taking an auditing paper at university this year (yes, I know, I'm weird), so I guess that should be work / life / IET / study mode.  On the IET side, I've just returned from a productive CRC meeting, with lots of lively discussions on exciting topics like CTAPS (for those who don't know, this is the spreadsheet that most non-UK treasurers fill in for 'their' IET accounts).  And don't ask me what CTAPS stands for, because I have no idea!  Yesterday, I also had an excellent brainstorming/planning session with another local volunteer, in advance of tonight's Christchurch LN committee training session.  Yes, I am a mean Chair, and I'm making my committee have training wink.  Actually, the training was Jenny's idea, so they can't blame me!  We're hoping to get everyone up-to-speed on IET products and services so we can start converting the masses, and get some more local members and volunteers.

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas/New Years/Holiday-Season-of-your-choice (even if it was a while ago now).  Mine mainly involved tramping (possibly the same as hiking or trekking, although I'm not 100% sure) around Stewart Island - not all the way around mind you!  I did a three-day tramp (the Rakiura) and an eight-day one (most of the NW Circuit).  Lots of fun, assuming you don't mind mud, no showers, longdrops, and carrying a heavy pack (it started at 25kg) for about 8 hours a day!  Not everyone's cup of tea, but I loved it smiley.  I've got to stop reminiscing though, and get onto that to-do list...
Posted by Karla Smith on Mar 10, 2014 3:48 AM Europe/London

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There's obviously more than one IET volunteer resident in New Zealand (aka Godzone), but I don't think anyone else is blogging yet, so first in, first served (mwahahahaha).  I volunteer in a variety of roles - currently I'm a committee member of my Local Network (South Island), a member of NZ Forum, and chair of the Communities Committee - Asia Pacific (CC-AP) (which also means I'm a member of the Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC)).