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IoT & Breaking The Land Speed Record (IET Hereford and Worcester) 7174

"IoT and breaking the Land Speed record" was presented by Peter Karney, Head of Product Innovation at Digital Catapult, organised jointly with the IET Hereford and Worcester and IMechE network.

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5 Tips To Streamline Financial Processes And Enhance Business Growth 7173

The last year has been tough for many businesses around the world, and there’s no indication that this year is going to be any easier. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging strong across the globe, it’s more important than ever before to better manage your finances, minimize startup costs as much as you can, optimize your cash flow, and secure your ...

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Technical Network update: Pedagogy in Engineering and Technology (PET) 7166

Pedagogy Technical network is in development, please read further for the background, related webinars, and how to express interest in joining the committee.  

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How Can Engineers And Technologists Involve Patients In The Design Process Of New Solutions For Healthcare? 7162

Engineers and clinicians play a large role in developing new medical innovations, but what about the patient? We examine the benefits of having patient input in the design process and how this can and has been applied.

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Join A Discussion On The Code For Construction Product Information (CCPI) 7160

Join us to discuss the Marketing Integrity Group’s recently published proposed Code for Construction Product Information document ‘Better Data, Safer Building’ and how it relates to the digitisation of manufacturers product data.  

IET Skills For Net Zero And A Green Recovery 7155

The latest IET annual skills survey of engineering employers in the UK focuses on the skills requirements for delivering the UK Government’s net-zero target by 2050, the subsequent impacts of COVID-19 on engineering employers, difficulties in recruiting engineers, and employer perceptions of the engineering skills gap. 

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