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Here you will find Educational and Business related content related to all aspects of Electrical Manufacturing.
Following the Volunteer Support Working Party in February, there are some updates regarding the progress of certain discussions. The completed animated video which can be found here is now available to watch on the Volunteer Gateway. The video is an interesting and informative clip of Fellow Virginia Hodge’s story with the IET, including roles she ...
A view of life (it's hard) the Universe (it's quite big and mostly full of emptiness) science (it's just as hard as life but with more maths) and technology (the good, the bad and the ugly) from the perspective of a highly harassed technician, which admittedly might be skewed. They say the glass is half empty- experience tells me to check whether or not that ...
Our Career Hacks blog offers practical advice and tips on how you can work towards becoming a professionally registered engineer, such as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) or an Engineering Technician (EngTech). Discover the top ten career hacks .
This is my little piece of the web. I will share with you some of my thoughts about tech world all mixed in with my parenting thoughts. I'm an open source fan, and I highly believe in the power of educational software. I hope you will like what you read.
A blog about how women are engineering tomorrow's world.
  Positively Pink Engineering –  A Journey Into Engineering That's  - 'Positively Pink Engineering' representing any young female, anywhere, enthusiastic about civil engineering! Photo: Charlotte Kerr, right, with her sister Emily    
The latest news for IET members, updates from the IET's communities and thoughts on a wide range of IET and engineering-related issues from your President and the Trustees.
Keeping you up to date with the latest news and developments of the Engineering Communities Platform.  There is also a dedicated Platform Development category in the discussion forum for you to provide suggestions and feedback, and a new Feature Requests category for you to suggest ideas for features and functionality.    
Check out this blog for exam tips and tips to deal with exam stress.
How many of the IT industry's success is HR accountable for? You'll see if you follow this blog
Interesting prospects for future career development.
Want to start a site-wide blog on MyCommunity? Hopefully this blog  will help to guide you and answer any questions you may have. 
Engineering has an image problem, and we are all trying desperately to get articles published, and media coverage to address this. But while the messages going out in those reports are right, the images used to accompany such articles are just as important, if not more so. After all, a picture paints a thousand words...
The official blog of the  Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) .  And yes, we are crazy about communities!  Or maybe we're just crazy...   So what do we do?  Well, we're responsible for resourcing communities.  (I'm helpful aren't I?)  Basically, if it's of interest to the IET's communities, then it's of interest to us.  This blog aims to give you an ...
With a background in interacting with Security Systems and Cyber Platforms, I will use this blog to offer views on industries and their use of different & trending technologies ~ The Third Verse.
A monthly chance to catch up with what your President for 14/15 has been doing and the key issues that have arisen during the month.
Blog for coaches and mentors of  FIRST ®  LEGO ®  League  (FLL®) robotics teams competing in the 2014/2015 " World Class ℠ : Learning Unleashed " global challenge. FLL is a global robotics program for 9 to 16 year olds (9 to 14 in US/CAN/MEX), which is designed to get children excited about science and technology.  ...
This blog has been created by the IET Archives on the anniversary of the start First World War. Material will be added over the next four years with information primarily posted on relevant dates or as close as possible to the one hundredth anniversary of the event. Its aim is to show how a professional institution and its members were ...
Thoughts and tutorials on tech.
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I am very pleased that opportunities to demonstrate support for my mission themes for the year continued to present themselves during November. It was great to be invited to open the Women in Science and Engineering (WES) conference at Savoy Place on November 10th, which looked at gender parity in science, technology and engineering, from the classroom to the boardroom. I completed my welcome speech with a selfie including the audience holding up their hands with 9% written on them - as part of the IET’s #9percentisnotenough campaign, which is raising awareness to the fact that women make up only 9% of the engineering and technology workforce in the UK.   read more...
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A few weeks ago we launched the Start Your Story campaign which aims to tell more young engineering and tech entrepreneurs about how the IET can help them in their journey to innovation and commercial success. Following the launch of the campaign, two engineering graduates from the University of Manchester got in touch because they have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop QuadBot: a DIY 3D printable walking robot.   read more...
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Flat panel TVs sure do look great hanging from the walls. Still, choosing a perfect wall mount can be much more difficult than it seems. If you opt for a wrong one, you might have to spend hours in order to be able to set it up properly or go and swap it for the one that’s right for your wall.  read more...
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