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IET Insights 822
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Subscribe for the latest news from the IET, updates from the IET's communities and thoughts on a wide range of IET and engineering-related issues.

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Manufacturers’ Product Data: A Plain Language Guide 948

A series of blog posts investigating the issues around information management for construction product manufacturers in the UK and Europe. Read an introduction to the project and a list of blog posts here. Find out more about us and the project here. Check out the hashtag #ManufacturersPLG  

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The Cyber Lens 728
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With a background in interacting with Security Systems and Cyber Platforms, I will use this blog to offer views on industries and their use of different & trending technologies ~ The Third Verse.

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Online Community News 817

Keeping you up to date with the latest news and developments from Engineering Communities, the IET's online community. There is also a dedicated Online Community Support category in the discussion forum to report bugs and issues, give feedback and suggest ideas for new features and functionality.  

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GabbyDi 830
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This is my little piece of the web. I will share with you some of my thoughts about tech world all mixed in with my parenting thoughts. I'm an open source fan, and I highly believe in the power of educational software. I hope you will like what you read.

The Transport Buzz 947

Subscribe to the Transport Buzz for the latest news and updates from the IET's Transport Communities.

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The Geekette 77
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"I am, and always will be, comfortable with the fact that I'm just a little bit 'odd'..."  Hi there! I'm Lisa and I'm the Online Community Manager at the IET.  Any opinions expressed are mine alone and do not represent the official views of the Institution. If you enjoy reading my blog and want to be notified when I add a new post, hit that subscribe button!   

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Measurement Engineering 937

I am working with a number of like minded people to promote the sharing of best practice in the rigorous application of measurement in all disciplines and sectors, and to identify and champion collaborative research and standards development to drive convergence across these disciplines and sectors.  This Blog is being established to support that effort and highlight some of the opportunities.  If you see value in the effort please contribute ideas and questions  

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Community (Manager) Watch... 926

Have you ever wondered what it's like being a Community Manager at the IET? What we get up to? How we keep on top of everything? How we help our volunteers to tell the world how great Engineering really is? Subscribe to this Blog to follow the highs, the lows, the weird, the wonderful and sometimes surprising side of life at Michael Faraday House and beyond!  

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Career Hacks 855
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Our Career Hacks blog offers practical advice and tips on how you can work towards becoming a professionally registered engineer, such as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) or an Engineering Technician (EngTech). Discover the top ten career hacks .

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A Volunteer in Godzone (aka New Zealand) 500

There's obviously more than one IET volunteer resident in New Zealand (aka Godzone ), but I don't think anyone else is blogging yet, so first in, first served (mwahahahaha).  I volunteer in a variety of roles - currently I'm a committee member of my Local Network (South Island) , a member of NZ Forum, and chair of the Communities Committee - Asia Pacific (CC-AP) (which also means I'm a member of the Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) ).  

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World War I- experiences of an institution and its members 659

This blog had been created by the IET Archives on the anniversary of the start First World War. It is now updated and continued on a WordPress site which can be found via this link: For more information about the blog and related stories, including a collabrative online exhibition with the ICE and IMechE, please see this link:

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FIRST LEGO League 2014 "World Class" Challenge Coaches 698

Blog for coaches and mentors of  FIRST ®  LEGO ®  League  (FLL®) robotics teams competing in the 2014/2015 " World Class ℠ : Learning Unleashed " global challenge. FLL is a global robotics program for 9 to 16 year olds (9 to 14 in US/CAN/MEX), which is designed to get children excited about science and technology.  FIRST   has an active  FLL Twitter  account,  FLL blog , and  YouTube channel . If you're part of these networks make sure you follow/subscribe.   FIRST  is a not-for-profit public charity whose mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging ...

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